Current and Future Opportunities for the Internet of Things in Healthcare

This lunch time presentation provides an overview of how IoT technology is currently being used in UK health services.
Thursday, February 8, 2018 -
13:00 to 14:00
Conference Room, The Magdalen Centre (North) - 1 Robert Robinson Avenue - Oxford Science Park - OX4 4GA Oxford - United Kingdom

Feb 8 2018 13:00

Internet of things technology broadly involves the fitting of sensors and actuators to objects, equipment and people, to enable the capture, processing and transmission to the web, of real data about the physical environment and activities surrounding them.


This lunch time presentation by Dr Vaughan Michell of the Henley Business School provides an overview of the research findings of a nine-month survey covering twenty examples of how IoT technology is currently being used in UK health services. The results are based on research and interviews with Chief Information Officers, Chief Transformation Officers, Heads of Informatics, Clinical Consultants and IoT health product suppliers and Solution Consultants.

The aims were to identify:

a)the current understanding and use of IoT in health services
b)what capabilities are most sought after and what are the most promising applications of IoT in health services?
c)what are the problems in both the use of IoT and in preparing and convincing health management of the opportunities?

The results provide a sample of the current situation and the exciting socio-technical challenges and opportunities to enable this vital technology to deliver valuable efficiency, effectiveness and quality benefits to transform UK healthcare.

The author was kindly supported by Capgemini [1] Internet of Things Research Fellowship

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