Meet the #StartedinOxford Demo Night Nov 2018 Startups

Here we go again!  The lineup for the next #StartedinOxford Demo Night has been finalised. . . and here they are! 

If you haven't got your tickets yet, there is still time. . . register now for a fabulous night!

We also have our winners from the last Demo Night, OxyClot, and a special guest slot (in the spirit of sharing and collaboration!) for a team from Imperial College. . .


We build distributed intelligence systems and advanced unmanned camera systems to help government and commercial partners to fight crimes, save lives and protect the environment.  Car sharing for the masses. A way technical means of remotely unlocking any vehicles for car sharing purposes - without the owner and rider needing to be there to physically exchange keys.  Social enterprise pop-up café and social space.
Common Ground provides free working space and wifi for anyone, though targeting students. Our social purpose is to support the community and student mental health.

An online platform where students can find peers with a similar passion or aim, and form groups or teams. Students can post a short proposal to find a study partner, learn a skill or a language, enter a competition, or find a startup co-founder. 

BeamData converts static data into data intelligence by introducing novel methods of data collection and analysis.

Banco Maré connects unbanked communities in Brazil to the financial system by processing payments and transfers where no high street bank goes.

Sales Transformation and Incubation for technology-focused companies.  DeepLex is new solution to reduce the costs of legal services and to make legal services available for general public.

HotTea Mama offers a maternity gift range of bespoke functional tea blends that support women in their journey through pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond. Rogue Interrobang is a company that exists to address society's shortfall in creativity. In addition to developing Mycelium, it provides creativity training, consultancy, and workshops to organisations working on wicked problems. The Loop is a tool made for fashion retailers to better understand how customers behave and why they buy from their stores. This data helps brands improve their in-store customer experience, and facilitates operational efficiency. Marulin is an independent, award-winning tea company. Our tea heritage extends from four generations of family tea farming and craft oolong production in Nantou, Taiwan. 

A new type of prosthetic arm. A Mitt arm has a soft, comfortable socket that can be adjusted like a shoe; and it has a range of simple, interchangeable hands designed for specific tasks.  Pod Health's mission is to pioneer prevention-led, personalised healthcare that gives people greater control over and optimism about their future. Project Dastaan is an Oxford University affiliated virtual reality and oral history venture that seeks to reconnect individuals displaced during the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan to their ancestral villages. Using VR  SociAbility is a game-changing mobile app, online platform and way of thinking. We're mainstreaming disability-related accessibility information to empower people of all abilities to socialise with greater confidence, purpose and ease. 

Students for Students, a registered not-for-profit organisation currently based in India, is an attempt to transform the way students interact and learn, irrespective (and inspite) of their privileged or less privileged backgrounds.  SportSide is the first global local sports club, enabling players to ‘meet their match’ and helping coaches, clubs and brands drive sports events and promote a healthy lifestyle across the globe. Nutritious food snacks fair-trade community-based farms and allowed to sun ripen before being gently dried. All packs are sized as per NHS guidelines on controlled portions. Wattson Blue is a mobile app for serious amateur athletes that helps them manage their training and recovery in order to improve their physical and emotional well-being and maximise their long-term performance.


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